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For more information or if you need additional assistance, please contact the following staff:

Aging and Grief Training
Employment Training
Facing the Future Conference
Lisa Thomas
Phone: 732-235-9325

Behavior and Mental Health Training
Should you have additional questions related to this training, please refer to:
Frontline Supervision Series
People with Developmental Disabilities and Families
Melinda Darby  
Phone: 732-235-9314    

CBI - Community Based Instuction
PCAST - Person-Centered Approaches in School and Transition  
Kellyann Giudice
Phone: 732-235-9307

DD Lecture Series
Deborah Mahovetz
Phone: 732-235-9543

Supports Brokerage
Support Coordination Orientation Training  
Support Coordination Workshops
Workforce Development Training  
Barbara String
Phone: 732-235-9327

Online Registration System Technical Support
Ziba Arjmand
Phone: 732-235-9315