Developmental Disabilities Lecture Series

Registration is now open for the Fall 2022 Developmental Disabilities Lecture Series. All sessions will be held online using the Zoom Webinar platform.
The webinars are free of charge. Space is limited for each of the sessions.  Open to people who live or work in New Jersey.
To access the webinars, you must register in advance. Review the session details and click the REGISTER button.
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As part of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, The Boggs Center offers this program for social work continuing education credit per
NJAC 13:44G6.4.c(5). The Boggs Center is a registered NJ Department of Education Professional Development Provider. The Fall 2022
sessions have been submitted to the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) for continuing education program approval.
Each session is eligible for 2 hours of continuing education recognition. To demonstrate completion and receive a certificate, you must be logged into
the webinar from start to finish and complete a survey at the end of the webinar. Certificates of Attendance will be emailed to all participants who meet
these eligibility requirements the week following the event.

Unlearning Ableism: How To Be An Ally With People With Disabilities

Ableism, or discrimination against people with disabilities, contributes to inequities in our society. In this session, participants will learn to identify ableism and how they can respond in positive, proactive ways to promote inclusion. Research-based findings will be discussed as well as first-hand accounts of ableism and allyship. Together, we'll work towards an inclusive future for all.
Kara Ayers, PhD
Kara Ayers, PhD
Associate Director
University of Cincinnati Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH

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Closed September 30, 2022  10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Zoom Webinar
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Assessing Trauma In Individuals With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities

Due to the alarming rates of abuse and neglect of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), as well as the diagnostic overshadowing that occurs when people with IDD seek treatment, it is important that support teams have the knowledge and tools to properly recognize signs of traumatic stress and assess its impact on the individual. In this webinar, participants will learn to differentiate characteristics of an IDD from symptoms of traumatic stress. The presentation will also address how assessment data can be used to guide treatment and serve as the foundation for trauma-informed care coordination.
Brian Tallant
Brian Tallant, LPC, NADD-CC
Program Director, Denver START  
Rocky Mountain Human Services
Denver, CO

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Closed October 7, 2022  10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Zoom Webinar
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Developmental Disabilities And Sexuality: Effective Tips And Tools

People with developmental disabilities are often left out of conversations about sexuality, almost as if they are incapable of having thoughts, feelings, and needs. In reality, they, too, are sexual beings that need information and skills for making healthy decisions about sexuality. People who support or work with people with developmental disabilities are most likely to discuss sexuality with them or may even be approached with questions about sexuality. This presentation will help participants become more comfortable talking about this sensitive topic by discussing what needs to be taught, when, and how to help people with developmental disabilities have safe and satisfying relationships.
Katherine McLaughlin
Katherine McLaughlin, MEd
Founder, CEO, Lead Trainer
Elevatus Training
Westmoreland, NH

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Closed October 14, 2022  10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Zoom Webinar
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Quality Meaningful Day Services: A Community-Based Approach

Community-based meaningful day supports and services offer people with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities to connect with others in reciprocal relationships and to contribute in impactful ways. This session will discuss the many factors that go into building robust meaningful day services, such as individualized schedules, geographical mapping and planning, person-centered outcomes, and customized employment. Participants will learn how holistic outcomes can be achieved by encouraging full inclusion of people with I/DD into the many communities of which they are a part.
Abby Taylor
Abby Taylor, MS
Customized Employment Mentor
Silver Spring, MD

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Closed October 28, 2022  10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Zoom Webinar
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